What is Yunus Loop DeFi?


Yunus Loop DeFi Smart Lending Contract is an open source cryptocurrency marketplace protocol, which is a smart contract deployed on the Tron blockchain and Ethereum blockchain in which anyone can borrow or lend cryptocurrencies risk-free, and in order to be rewarded with revenue, cryptocurrency holders can store funds in the Yunus Loop decentralized lending smart contract to conduct risk-free short-term loans and risk-free ultra-short-term loans.

The Yunus Loop DeFi smart lending contract increases the turnover rate to ensure profit returns. The users of the funds can also skip the complicated process of traditional lending and financial review, and quickly borrow funds to solve their urgent needs and gain more opportunities.

The attraction of Yunus Loop DeFi is that they are 100% safe, 100% transparent, and very efficient compared to traditional lenders.

Yunus Loop DeFi smart lending contract dose not require the involvement of a centralized institution and use blockchain technology with smart contracts to automate transactions.It doesn't require any centralized agency to check your credit score, verify your true identity, or spend days or weeks reviewing your application.

  • Yunus Loop DeFi Lending Smart Contract operates beyond the traditional banking model.

It works by collecting money from deposit users in the form of liquidity and lending it to borrowers, using algorithms to balance supply and demand and matching dividends.

yunus Loop DeFi smart lending contracts allow funds to be rationally allocated and used across borders through the decentralization and openness and transparency of blockchain, solving the problem of the world's existing financial system, where developed countries have low returns on funds and underdeveloped countries have low returns on loans.

It solves the problem of low return rate of capital in developed countries and lack of loan resources in underdeveloped countries under the world's existing financial system, while allowing investors to obtain better returns.

Yunus Loop DeFi's unique highlights

Yunus Loop DeFi is open and transparent, making it easy for anyone to access DeFi services from anywhere, without the need to be authenticated by a central authority.

  • The Yunus Loop DeFi is deployed as a smart contract

The Yunus Loop DeFi smart contract, which has no owner or manager, is deployed as a smart contract and operates independently from the moment it is deployed. No one can tamper with it, even the founders and developers, who can only participate in it as regular users. This is because smart contracts are inherently irreversible.

No CEO or owner can change the rules and terms of the Yunus Loop DeFi ecosystem. The founders are regular users who will follow the same rules and mechanisms as everyone else in the community.

  • Yunus Loop DeFi is simple to participate in

Yunus Loop DeFi is easy to participate in. The smart contract starts to run automatically from Loop0. When the countdown to the next level of Loop is over, the smart contract will automatically calculate and start the next level of Loop according to the function formula, and retain the participation of the previous level of Loop aisle. Users are free to choose to participate in all activated Loops for circulation.

When the user team uses USDT (TRC20/ERC 20) with a cumulative circulation of 1*600,000, it can enter the next level of Loop for circulation.

When the total circulation of the user team > the number of circulation layers * 600,000, it can enter the currently activated Loop for circulation.

Yunus Loop DeFi funds are secure, and when a smart contract receives funds from a user, its code is executed by all nodes in the network in order to reach consensus on the outcome and the value generated. This is what allows smart contract to operate securely without any central authorization, so it is absolutely safe.

  • Smart Operation

  • Open & Transparent

  • Decendralized

  • Interoperability

  • Permissionless

  • Easily Participate

  • Financial Security

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