Check recipient data!

We warned you about fake airdrops where scammers take advantage of people's greed to steal funds from crypto wallets.

Today we will introduce another scam related to recipient address replacement:

⚠️1. Scammers will do everything to install special malware on your device (mostly Windows). The program is waiting for a moment when you send cryptocurrency at other addresses

⚠️2. When you copy the blockchain address, the malware replaces the recipient address in the clipboard with the scammer's address

⚠️3. When creating the transaction, paste the scammer's address into the "To" line and confirm the transaction

⚠️4. Your crypto is sent to the scammer's wallet, not the address you intended to send your crypto to

How to protect yourself?

Always check the correctness of the data entered in the transaction before sending funds.

Even experienced users run into issues when they lose their guard with routine copy-pasting.

Remember security rules when using cryptocurrencies.

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