Beginner's Guide

What is it important for you to know about Yunus Loop before you start investing in it? We don't want our community members to be ignorant about it, and we must be responsible for the investment of each and every one of our community members. Even if the Yunus Loop project becomes the best project of 2023, training and understanding what we do is essential for participants.

I. Circulation return

  1. Yunus Loop DeFi uses a distributed decentralized circulation return method. The participating Yunus Loop lending smart contract runs from the first Loop 0, and the smart contract automatically returns 100.7% of the investment after one day of circulation, 107% of the investment after seven days of circulation, and 127% of the investment after seventeen days of circulation.

  2. The smart contract starts to run automatically from Loop 0, and will be based on the current Loop level real-time wallet address quantity (a), fund circulation (b), fund return amount (c), loan order quantity (t), loan amount ( s), repayment amount (f), historical ups and downs (d), linear period (n) and other data to calculate the expected countdown to the next level of Loop (X).

    After the countdown to start the next-level Loop is over, the smart contract will automatically start the next-level Loop and retain the participation channel of the previous-level Loop. Users can freely choose to participate in all activated Loops for circulation.

    Except that Loop0 does not have any pre-conditions for participation and can participate in circulation unlimitedly, users participating in the circulation of Loop1-Loop7 must meet the pre-requirements for participating in the current Loop. The pre-requirements are: (the total team circulation of the current account) > Loop level * 600,000

    Example: When Loop1 starts running, if the cumulative circulation of the team in the current account meets 1*600,000, it can enter Loop1 for circulation.

  3. Every time a Loop is increased, the rate of return on capital circulation will automatically increase by 30%. For example: the user has activated Loop1 and participated in the circulation of 10,000 USDT, Return 10091USDT after 1 day of circulation, Return 10910USDT after 7 days of circulation, Return 13510USDT after 17 days of circulation.

Loop number/circulation selection 1 day 7 days 17 days

  • Loop0 0.70% 7% 27%

  • Loop1 0.91% 9.10% 35.10%

  • Loop2 1.12% 11.20% 43.20%

  • Loop3 1.33% 13.30% 51.30%

  • Loop4 1.54% 15.40% 59.40%

  • Loop5 1.75% 17.50% 67.50%

  • Loop6 1.96% 19.60% 75.60%

  • Loop7 2.17% 21.70% 83.70%

II. Sharing Rewards At Yunus Loop DeFi.

Every participant can become a project initiator and invite new users to join and get sharing rewards. For every additional 100 USDT you circulate, you will receive one more generation of friends' share rewards. Up to 21 generations of friends can be rewarded. For example.

  • For every 100 USDT you circulate, you will receive 20% of the proceeds of each circulation of 1 generation of friends.

  • If you circulate 200 USDT, you will receive 10% of the proceeds of each circulation of 2 generations of friends.

  • If you circulate 300USDT-700USDT, you will receive 5% of the proceeds of each circulation of your friends from 3 to 7 generations.

  • 3% of the proceeds of each circulation of your friends from 8th to 10th generation if you circulate 800USDT-1000USDT.

  • 1% of the proceeds of each circulation of your friends from generation 11 to 21 for each circulation of 1100USDT-2100USDT .

Each share bonus will be automatically credited to the originator's wallet address via smart contract.

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