What if I haven't received the withdrawal to my TronLink wallet?

May 05, 2023

Recently many users have inquired about what they can do when they fail to receive the withdrawals from the trading platform to their TronLink wallets.

Don't worry. Here is the solution.

1. As centralized exchanges need to review every withdrawal, you should confirm with the exchange whether it has released your assets in the first place. If not, please contact its customer service team on its trading platform.

2. Users can also confirm whether the exchange has released their assets at tronscan.org. Enter the wallet address in the search bar to see whether there is any corresponding transfer history.

3. If the withdrawal is shown in the transfer history, but not in the wallet balance, then there might be some update latency in the display of your wallet balance. Please refresh your wallet and wait for a few moments.

For TronLink App: Swipe down to refresh the Asset page.

For TronLink extension: click the refresh icon, as shown below.

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