The YunusLoop code. Values and Objectives

May 18, 2023


The foundation of our beliefs is the values we believe in.

Help each other

We all have our unique talents, unique values. Together we execute these talents to make the platform better every day. Little by little. In all aspects. By doing this, we support ourselves and other members.

Helping each other is the most essential value in our community. Every action, every intention, and every thought is reciprocal. Not only to fellow citizens but to the whole world! We make minor improvements every day and will only stop once we make this world better.

Trust & Justice

A person needs to live a decent life. The principle of fairness guarantees the fairness of the YunusLoop platform and clearly and fairly circulates funds.

Trust, embodied in smart self-executing contracts, is the foundation of the platform, allowing the community to rest assured that their funds, stored in their encrypted wallets, are safe.


Least, but not the last. It is what we all want.

We recognise everyone's right to wish fulfilment and ensure everyone can realise their hopes and dreams.

What we achieve

New technology

We aim to provide the community with the latest technology in fintech, marketing, and psychology. This is to develop new talents and skills among the Web3 Consensus.

Improve yourself through knowledge.

Global Financial Transformation

We know that decentralization will affect global and national economies, and we strive to be an important part of this process.

Crypto freedom

We directly achieve financial freedom for community members through encrypted mechanisms such as capital circulation and education.

To live is not just to make a living. this is our target.

International College

knowledge is power. The power of making connections. Connections bring money. Funding makes your dreams come true.

We have created countless YunusLoop DeFi communities to provide knowledge to the community. The knowledge to build your own successful business.

Community Growth

We know that big changes come with critical mass. Expanding the number of Yunus Loop DeFi communities is vital.

The bigger the community, the better.


We practice "Help yourself first. Help your peers." It's important to remember about bringing positive change to the world because that's what the Yunus Loop DeFi community is all about.

Remember that philanthropy has to be intelligent and impactful.

Just be yourself!

Never forget who you are, where you came from and where you are going.

We all have something that sets us apart. Use them Make Yunus Loop DeFi better, because only you can do it!

Join Yunus Loop DeFi now to realize your dreams!

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