Greed, fraud and fake token airdrop

We would like to warn our community once again and remind about the security when dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Your private keys are the most crucial part of crypto security. Keep your keys in a safe place and never disclose them to anyone.

There is a new type of scam going on around in Tron blockchain, which uses human greed to lure unsuspecting victims into the trap.

Please read carefully and make sure you stay away from it and keep your funds safe.


Scammers use a simple yet effective way to steal private keys by sending fake tokens to their victims.

Some examples of such tokens are BNS (Benis) and BAL, which were airdropped to many users in Tron blockchain.

The fact is that both BNS and BAL are real tokens that work successfully and have value, but only on the ETHEREUM blockchain.

Scammers have created duplicates of these tokens on another blockchain and pass them off as real ones.

For example, BAL token is the real token exists only on ETH blockchain (ERC20), so a scammer sends everyone BAL token created on Tron blockchain (TRC10).


Upon receiving such free tokens in the wallet in almost 100% of cases You go to check the token address on the blockchain and find a link to a fake website which offers to exchange these tokens to a valuable crypto, like TRX.

And this is where the theft happens: the website uses simple script to steal the private key from the wallet when a user clicks and confirms the transaction.

It may sound unreal but many people do fall for this trap and get their wallet compromised and all the funds gone from the wallet afterwards.


The best and the most effective way is to Google and research some information about the tokens before making any moves.

You will most probably find some reviews from other users. Always keep in mind that nobody in his clear mind will send you any free money.

So when you see such a thing — it should always ring a bell for you that there is something fishy going on and you should stay away from it.

P.S. Crypto is a wild space, so stay alert and always keep your funds safe. Do not forget about the security rules that we constantly remind you of.

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