Magic Of Marketing Management

“The objective of Marketing Management is to create customers who create more customers ”

In order to succeed in any business, you must understand the power of marketing. Even if you have a very good product to sell, but you fail to do good marketing, no one might buy it from you.

Have you ever thought, that when the PRODUCT (Yunus Loop DeFi) is the same for everyone, why do some people are able to successfully make great sales, but why do some people fail to promote the same product?

Our product is the Yunus Loop DeFi smart contract, which is absolutely fantastic, working perfectly for all. But still many people fail to succeed, because:

1. They do not understand the rules of marketing.

2. They do not have a proper marketing plan.

3. They are promoting Yunus Loop DeFi in the wrong way.

➡️ Rules Of Marketing

A few years back I read a book named “Marketing Management” by Philip Kotler. And that book has been a life-changing moment in my life. After reading that book, I was an expert in my industry, I could sell not even the good products, but even the useless products to people.

"The aim of selling is to satisfy a customer need; the aim of marketing is to figure out his need"

Four P’s of marketing

According to Philip Kotler, there are 4 pillars of marketing i.e. PRICE, PRODUCT, PROMOTION & PLACE.


The price of your product should always be competitive as compared to other available similar products in the market. Here Yunus Loop DeFi has a very low price of TRONS required to register initially. People can start with as low as 1$. We can easily convince people to join our team with such low entry fees.


Yunus Loop DeFi developers created a smart contract matrix program on cryptocurrency blockchain, which is unique and 100% transparent to all. All other similar matrix projects are not less than the copy of Yunus Loop DeFi. Thus, we have the best and original product in hand.


Yunus Loop DeFi is continuously growing every day. With the launch of Yunus Loop DeFi COMMUNITY and Yunus Loop DeFi ACADEMY, Yunus Loop DeFi is doing the best in the field of promotion as compared to anyone else. There are dozens of fresh and very informative articles available for all, which can be used to promote Yunus Loop DeFi business differently.


Being a decentralized platform, Yunus Loop DeFi is not limited to a particular place or region. Yunus Loop DeFi has expanded in more than 200 countries. People can work and promote Yunus Loop DeFi business from anywhere in the world. Today I have people in my team from South Africa, Nigeria, the Philippines, England, Pakistan, and India. You can promote Yunus Loop DeFi anywhere in the world with the help of social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, Linked-in, Snapchat, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.

➡️ Conclusion

We must make our own marketing strategies and promote our business using proper marketing management. If you want to succeed in the Yunus Loop DeFi business, you must promote your business intelligently.

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