What if I forget my wallet password?

May 05, 2023

The essence of the crypto wallet is to help users manage and use the private key conveniently and securely. Depending on whether the private key is stored locally, we can divide the wallet into a centralized wallet and a decentralized wallet.

Centralized wallet: The private key is not owned by the user, but in the centralized server, the funds are usually entrusted to the server. When the centralized wallet is attacked by the hacker, the user will suffer unnecessary losses.

Decentralized wallet: The private key is independently controlled by the user and the assets are stored in the blockchain. Decentralized wallets are hard to be attacked by hackers, and users don't have to worry about self-stealing by wallet service providers. However, if the private key is lost, the wallet will not be able to help the user recover and the funds will be lost forever.

TronLink is a decentralized wallet, which means you have to back up your private keys securely and properly!

So, what if you forget the wallet password?

TronLink Extension: You can click on “Log in via other means” on TronLink Extension to re-import your mnemonic, private key or Keystore, and then reset your wallet password.

TronLink App: As for TronLink App, the only way to reset your wallet password is to uninstall the current app and reset the new wallet password by importing a mnemonic or private key, or keystore.

Note: if you have forgotten your password and you have not backed up neither Private Key nor Mnemonic, it means you have lost your assets.

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