Registration Yunus Loop DeFi

Detailed guide for your account creation

Our team strongly advice to spend some time and get knowledge about concept and marketing rules before you perform registration of your account. This will prevent frequent cases of misguidance, will save your money and will arm you with basic knowledge to make successful team right from the start!

To prepare your registration procedure first you need to setup and fund one of supported wallet application which can operate with our site and smart contract with no issues:

pageTokenPocket SetuppageTronLink Wallet SetuppageTrust Wallet Setup

Basic ID registration

  • Open your wallet application and find Explorer

  • Copy registration link from your inviter or type in Search bar of your Explorer and proceed

  • Click on "Enter" button

  • Click "Approve" button on the next step

  • On the top right corner you will see your crypto address. This means site is connected to your wallet application.

  • Input amount here for the next step

  • Confirm transaction in your wallet application

  • "Confirm" transaction allows your crypto address to operate with Yunus Loop DeFi smart contract if you registering with USDT.


USDT is used to process your transaction in blockchain network.

Each transaction will require to have some TRX fee on balance (+ level cost itself in USDT by your choice).

Always keep enough TRX on your address balance to avoid transaction being stuck

Levels upgrade

  • Input amount here for the next step to complete the circulation of funds from Loop 0 of 1 day, 7 days, 17 days respectively

  • the smart contract will automatically provide the user with a choice of ascending Loop, allowing the user to choose whether to enter Loop1 to Loop7 to obtain a longer circulation period

higher yield corresponding to the circulation of the lending period and income options

  • Every time you raise a Loop, the yield of capital circulation will automatically increase by 30%.

For example, a user chooses Loop 0 and participates in the circulation of 10000 USDT

After 1 day of circulation, the return is 10070 USDT

After 7 days of circulation, the return is 10,700 USDT

12,700 USDT after 17 days of circulation

How does Yunus Loop DeFi work?

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