Manage Your Yunus Loop DeFi Team The Ultimate Guide

There are times that you recruit dozens of people, but only a few progress at Yunus Loop DeFi. It’s devastating, you can agree with me, to end with shattered and battered expectations. But do you know that there is a solution? Read along and find what you can do to manage your team like a pro.

1. Be a good example

There is a popular game or song called, “Follow the leader.” I remember playing this game at school. During the follow-the-leader-game, everyone should match the steps of the leader. That shows coordination and team work. In our ‘game’ at Yunus Loop DeFi, we can also follow the leader. However, that is only possible if the leader is imitable. So, as a leader, show your followers what to do. Giving them instructions after instructions without being a good example, does not work. Teach by the way you act.

2. Think of them on other times

Do not always think of your followers when you want them to do something. No! That is not the best thing to do. Think of them on other occasions and show that you care for them. For example, send them birthday messages. Congratulate them when they do something great. By doing so, you stay connected.

3. Introduce your followers to other uplines

This is very important because it makes them feel loved and cared for. Recognition is one of the most motivating factor you can think of.

4. Introduce contests

Create fruitful competitions and incentives. Offer them rewards for certain activities. For example, give them rewards for recruiting many people during one month or week.

5. Instill belief in them

Make them change their beliefs in a positive way. You can only achieve this through being in constant touch with them. Use subtle ways to change their beliefs. For example, post inspirational quotes from time to time. Create educational cartoons and many more. As they continue to interact with you, their beliefs change.

6. Give your followers constructive feedback

Inform them about how well they are doing and ways they should improve. Share some of these in groups while some to individuals. In everything that you do, avoid being judgemental. Instead, create a friendly atmosphere.

The coordination of a team requires accurate knowledge about the people you are dealing with. As a result, you know how to handle them. We can become competent Yunus Loop DeFi leaders if we keep strategic information. What information can you include in your database?

Individual information sheet

All professionally run organizations keep accurate data about what is happening. Especially the information relating to their employees. In a similar way, your success as a team leader depends on the information you gather, keep and use. Although, we cannot have centralized information, team leaders can keep data related to their teams. All you need to have is the basic information about your team members. You will need some of the information one time or the other. For example, you may need to make an emergence call, should you need some help.

Critical documents

Include essential documents which you and your team members need to use in your database. As a matter of fact, include some promotional material and resource centres you have. You may also need instruction sheets for anything your members may need to do. For example, create an instruction sheet on “How to register at Yunus Loop DeFi.” The good thing about keeping the information handy is that any member can access it when necessary, without looking for you. In this way, we empower our teams. It is not good to become the only source of information.

Recorded material or tutorial

If possible, place all relevant materials in your data center. By data center, I mean any website or application, such as Google Drive, where you choose to store your stuff and information. For example, you could put the Yunus Loop DeFi tutorial there. Imagine if everyone took this approach, the impact would be huge.

In addition, make a document with links to all our important websites such as Yunus Loop DeFi Community website, Telegram Chat, Telegram Channel, etc. You need to have all these handy.

There are many social media groups that I join. Some are on Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp. These are the most popular messengers that people from Yunus Loop DeFi use, too. When I join a group and find out that members are not allowed to write their messages, I immediately leave the group. I do not like a situation where the group administrator just posts messages without us participating in it. The reason why I exit a group that does not allow members to participate is that it is not only undemocratic but unreasonable. If you are a Yunus Loop DeFi team leader, should you create a group where members do not participate? If they have questions and concerns, how are they going to send them to you? When you create a group where you do not want the members to send messages, you are showing them that you do not trust them. The truth is that, in return they also don’t trust you.

How you increase open communication in your teams?

I focus mostly on team development because the success at Yunus Loop DeFi depends on viable teams. Here are ways in which you can improve communication within your team.

Ask for input from members. Instead of shutting the door for members to post messages, ask them some questions to hear their side of the story. Ask them to list the challenges they are facing. And ask them to tell you how to improve your team.

Carry out surveys. This is an important thing to do. If you are using messengers such as Telegram, you can create surveys where the members show their preferences. Of course, it is best to act according to some aspirations of the members.

Be respectful and polite. Wherever people interact, problems arise. By nature, some people are arrogant in their responses. As a team member, you should understand that. Because you created the group, you become the greatest beneficiary. Therefore be polite in the way you talk to your group members. Avoid commands and use pleas.

When someone says something that is against what you want, there is no reason to be angry with the person. Politely and respectfully inform him/her about your point of view. Be open and honest.

Give credit where it is due. There are times when group members give their side of the stories. When they point out things that are useful, always acknowledge their contributions.

✊ How To Be A Good Leader

The success of a team depends on its leader. There is no team or institution without a leader. Good enough, we have many leaders at Yunus Loop DeFi, that is why I have decided to talk about this subject.

Sadly, people can go into much debate about leadership. However, I do not want to approach this subject from an academical point of view. In fact, I do not want to talk much about leadership. We just need to focus on two principles and their implications.

Principle 1: Leadership is a process

The day you become a leader, the leadership process starts, and it ends the day you stop being a leader. Leadership flows like water. If you are a leader at Yunus Loop DeFi, you should lead your team each and every day. You should find something to do every day to push your team towards success.

Now, reflect on what you have done today, as a leader at Yunus Loop DeFi. Have you sent your team members messages? Have you posted an article in your team group? Have you sent a congratulatory message to your downline? What have you done? If the answer is nothing, your leadership is “broken” and will not yield much. The “meat of the issue”, is that a leader should be active every day, by giving instructions, commands, advice, counsel and encouragement. I have something sad to tell you about leaders. I have worked with some purported leaders who used to say “Yesterday I did this and that. Last week I did this and that. Last year I recruited some people to Yunus Loop DeFi. Last year, I carried three training programs.” That is the sad part. A true leader does not feed from past glories because leadership is a process. You keep on leading the people you have. You do not tire up. Carry out weekly training sessions. Make that phone call to your downline. Conduct that Skype meeting. Be on your toes every day. That is leadership. There is this similarity between eating food and leadership. You eat every day in order to live. The same applies to leadership, lead your team every day. Have you ever said that you ate yesterday and you can’t eat today? Have you ever said that you ate something last year? Not at all. Because you need food every day in order to have a healthy life. That is the principle with leadership. As long you are a leader, do a leadership practice every day. Let there be action every day.

Principle 2: There are no bad teams, there are bad leaders.

I have heard of team leaders who blame their followers for their failure as a team. That is sad. An effective leader is able to guide a team to success. How? Through individual coaching and counselling. Through constant training and monitoring. If you cannot counsel your team members and carry out training sessions, who is to blame? The leader is to blame.

From today onward, remember this: Leadership is a process. Do something every day for the good of your team, and you will succeed.

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