The success of Yunus Loop DeFi depends on collective intelligence

People have been discussing the topic of collective intelligence over a long period of time, with many scholars carrying out various studies on it. On the other hand, business leaders have tried to implement this concept at their workplaces. However, increasingly, people can practically implement it.

Significantly, the concept of collective intelligence has been the key philosophy of many African communities, based on their notion of Ubuntu that states that, “I am because we are.” It shows the collectiveness of a group of people towards reaching a common vision or purpose.

By studying the Yunus Loop DeFi Model, it is definite that its success depends on collective intelligence. I wish to focus on what collective intelligence is.

Collective intelligence

In simple terms, collective intelligence refers to the capacity of a group of people to self-organize and demonstrate one focus that emanates from a greater cognitive ability. By this, group members are able to harness their collective intellectual competence to achieve a goal, which an individual cannot attain by himself/herself.

Therefore, with collective intelligence, there should also be collective learning. People learn the ways of doing things and adopt a similar attitude.

Ways to enhance collective intelligence

Collective intelligence does not evolve on its own. There should be consciousness when enhancing it.

Here are a few ways of promoting collective intelligence:

  • Encompassing diversity: The group should comprise of people of different backgrounds, age and gender. Definitely both women and men should be actively involved in a mission of a group.

  • Social sensitivity: All participants should have an equal room to participate and indeed, they should participate. An inclusive group where others do not actively participate does not yield the benefit of "collectiveness".

  • Mutual sharing of information: Every member of a group should seek out knowledge from others and should also share his/her knowledge and experience. There should be openness and collaborative discussions

  • Joint attention: The participants should not only share their knowledge but adopt the right attitude. They need to collectively focus on ideas and issues.

⭐️ Yunus Loop DeFi Collective Intelligence

Looking at the concept of collective intelligence, it is clear that Yunus Loop DeFi model depends on it. Collectiveness exists at two levels: Yunus Loop DeFi in totality and each individual group.

  • Yunus Loop DeFi in totality: Yunus Loop DeFi is able to achieve its success through collective efforts. For example, it has various groups at Telegram, that an individual should join in order to achieve success.

The main groups include:

Yunus Loop DeFi Official Channel:

These are some of the groups where people come together to share their knowledge and experiences. In the end they drive its success. Clearly, these are not the only groups, there are others, where people become members by special invitations.

  • Specific groups: These are groups formed by team leaders to coordinate Yunus Loop DeFi activities at a micro-level. Every person can become a team leader, as long as he/she has several people who join under him/her. We normally call them partners or referrals.

With this groups, people should follow the key principles of collective intelligence we discussed above, which include: encompassing diversity, social sensitivity and joint attention.

Why can we say your success at Yunus Loop DeFi depends on collective intelligence?

The Yunus Loop DeFi model dictates or implies that. First, the matrix marketing program means we depend on one another. This is because for you to earn as a Yunus Loop DeFi affiliate marketer, you need to recruit other people. Your direct referrals also need to recruit others. So without team or group effort who can earn anything? Nobody. So as a leader, follow the principles of collective intelligence if you are to build a resilient and successful team.

Secondly, you can earn through spill overs. Although, these are not automatic, you can benefit from them. However, spill overs result from a vibrant team. The only way to induce vibrancy is through inclusivity and reciprocal participation. The concept here with the Yunus Loop DeFi model, is that you can only win if others win.

As you note, it aligns to Ubuntu philosophy: “I am because we are.” Translating this to Yunus Loop DeFi, we can say: “I am successful because we are all successful.” Thus you cannot succeed own your own without others.

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