The Power of Focus

Once we have set our goals, that is all we need to do, right? Will just sitting and keep thinking about that goal solves the issue? My friend, do you think just thinking and dreaming about your goal is enough?

Not possible, your whole life will be wasted, but you will never achieve it this way. You will have to FOCUS on your goal, you will have to WORK for your goal. We all know this, it is not a new thing to any of us. But the main part is HOW TO FOCUS.

How to focus?

This title sounds good, but do you really think that you do not actually know how to focus? Ask yourself, do you need to FOCUS when you...

  1. Play mobile games.

  2. Play computer games.

  3. Watch movies.

  4. Listen to music.

  5. Hang out with friends.

  6. Go shopping.

NO! You do not have to focus on these things. But what happens when we talk about learning a new skill, working for your business? Do you know why do not need to FOCUS while doing your playing games or watching TV? Because you ENJOY doing those things.

Now just imagine what if you start enjoying the things that actually require focus. If your work becomes enjoyable to you rather than boring then you can earn while having fun. You will not even realize it, and you will become successful while enjoying things. If we combine fun and work, we can enjoy our work, achieve our goals easily, and become successful.

Here is what you need to do

  1. Break your goal into 4 parts, and consider each part as a level of a real-life game.

  2. Set some rewards for yourself on each level, like you will have a pizza party or have a beer when you complete each level.

  3. Include your family or friends, ask them to give you daily tasks like showing your business plan to 5 new people every day.

Focus On One Thing

Nowadays, there are more than 2-3 smart contract business, MLM business, or network marketing business launching every day. Our WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram are flooded with new offers and business projects every day. So, the main thing we need is to focus only on 1 thing. Because if we keep jumping from 1 project to another and to another, we will never get success in any of them. And keep investing and wasting our money here and there.

I recommend you to invest, focus, and work in only 1 business. Yunus Loop DeFi is the best and most powerful business model in the market. Yunus Loop DeFi has developed itself into a brand in the year 2020, and more than 1.3 million people are connected with it. So, instead of wasting your money, time, and energy on every new more lucrative business project, you should focus on your Yunus Loop DeFi business only, and avoid or block all other copy business models.

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