🏦About Yunus Loop DeFi


What is Yunus Loop DeFi?

Yunus Loop DeFi is a "smart lending contract developed on the blockchain" which is a money market lending protocol based on the TRON/ETH network where anyone can provide or lend cryptocurrencies without risk, making it easier for people in developing countries to get loans through Yunus Loop DeFi. Yunus Loop allows funds to be rationally allocated and used across borders, solving the problem of low return on capital in developed countries and lack of loan resources in underdeveloped countries under the world's existing financial system. Yunus Loop Web3.0 ecology simultaneously allows those involved in circulation to obtain better returns.

How is Yunus Loop DeFi profitable?

Yunus Loop meets market demand through blockchain intelligent lending contract agreement, decentralizes the capital flow of short-term borrowers and fund providers, and benefits both fund providers and short-term borrowers. For example, if the loan interest rate of user A's country is too high, User A initiates a short-term loan order through Yunus smart contract, pays the corresponding 1.5% fund supply dividend, and pays the corresponding mortgage token. User B participates in circulation through Yunus smart contract and contributes funds to the lending business. If User B participates in circulation, he shall receive 0.7% of circulation income; At this time, Yunus smart contract will automatically distribute 1.5% of the fund supply dividend paid by user A, 0.7% of the distribution income due to user B will be automatically distributed by smart contract to the wallet address that User B participates in the circulation, and the remaining 0.8% of the fund supply dividend will be automatically distributed to the agent promoter as the 21st generation sharing reward. User A and user B are both beneficiaries.

Is Yunus Loop DeFi secure?

  1. Yunus Loop DeFi is powered by a revolutionary technology of decentralized smart contracts and NFT. the Yunus Loop DeFi smart contract code is completely public.

  2. Yunus Loop DeFi's lending function is fully protected by the blockchain. Participants do not leave any personal data behind, and the entire technical infrastructure is built on top of a tamper-evident smart contract operation, completing the entire circulation as a mere projection of blockchain data.

  3. Yunus Loop DeFi has no owner or manager, it has been deployed as a smart contract and operates independently from the moment the deployment is completed. No one can tamper with it, even the founders and developers, because smart contracts are inherently irreversible.

  4. No CEO or owner can change the rules and terms of the Yunus Loop DeFi ecosystem. Founders are regular users and they will follow the same rules and mechanisms as everyone else in the community.

  5. All transactions in Yunus Loop DeFi are executed peer-to-peer, from one individual wallet to another or multiple wallets. There is no need to "exit" because there is nothing to exit. The funds are already in the user's wallet.

  6. All participants of Yunus Loop DeFi are 100% exempt from platform commissions and additional fees. Every participant of Yunus Loop DeFi will be equal and there will be no distinction between admins, founders and others. Most importantly, the execution of blockchain crypto marketing does not depend on banks, payment services and other third parties. Because the community has no profits or internal fees, Yunus Loop DeFi founders are treated the same as regular participants. They have their own accounts and make more money through their affiliate structure just like everyone else.

  7. The whole idea behind Yunus Loop DeFi is based on an infinitely running standalone program that no one, not even the creators, can control its operation.

  8. Smart contracts make their logic immutable, so it cannot be changed or destroyed because it is stored in the block. The combination of economically sound procedures and the immutability of smart contracts makes Yunus Loop DeFi set to become unstoppable. No one can interfere and make any changes. As long as the Internet exists, Yunus Loop DeFi will operate.

  9. Yunus Loop DeFi code is open source, 100% decentralized smart contract, all data is executed automatically on the public chain, no human control, automatic recognition of wallet addresses, no withdrawals, earnings are automatically credited to the wallet on the chain. No project party, no server, everything written on the chain contract, non-tamperable, irreversible, every data can be checked on the chain, transparent, open, fair and

How I can participate in making money?

To participate in Yunus Loop DeFi all you need is a smartphone, a crypto wallet, some USDT and be ready for some postage and all the rewards and earnings from liquidity will be credited to your personal wallet immediately.

Yunus Loop DeFi will be an ecosystem that has everything you need to build an online business. By joining Yunus Loop, your income will be unlimited and the smart contract does not impose any limits on the number and amount of transactions that can be transferred to each account.

To participate in the Yunus Loop program and start earning money; first you need to meet three points, to avoid mistakes, please read our recommendations below and start participating in the circulation with a small capital.

  1. You need to have "a smartphone"

  2. You need to prepare "a digital currency wallet" in order to avoid wasting time in the process of operation (we strongly recommend using Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet if your digital token USDT is ERC/20 public chain) (if your USDT token is TRC/20 public chain, we strongly recommend you to use Tronlink Pro or im Token) please choose the digital currency wallet we recommend, if you don't have it, you can download it from Apple or Google store.

  3. You need to prepare "Postage for circulating USDT ETH or TRX", it is recommended to prepare the amount of USDT you plan to circulate and enough ETH or TRX as postage to participate in the circulation. (USDT token ERC/20 public chain requires approximately $1 worth of ETH postage per circulation; USDT token TRX/20 public chain requires approximately $0.7 worth of TRX postage per circulation)

How to make money by helping others?

In the Yunus Loop Defi lending smart contract, each participant can become a project initiator, invite new users to join, and receive sharing rewards. In Yunus Loop DeFi, the idea of spreading Yunus Loop DeFi and inviting new users to join to build and improve the Yunus Eco Loop system will help to increase the liquidity of the global capital shortage, and the development of Yunus Loop Eco Smart Lending Contract is a contribution we should all make. The more crypto assets a user has in circulation, the more tiers of rewards he or she can receive. Users can earn rewards from up to 21 tiers of circulation underneath themselves at the same time. All personal partners you invite will be assigned to you forever and cannot be changed because the data is recorded in the blockchain. In addition, your referral link remains unchanged and you cannot change your upline partners. The rules of the smart contract are that the initiator himself will receive one additional generation of sharing bonus for every additional 100 USDT circulated. The maximum share bonus that can be earned is 21 levels.

  • For 100 USDT, you will receive 20% of the proceeds of each circulation of 1 generation of friends

  • When circulating 200 USDT, you will receive 10% of the proceeds of each circulation of 2 generations of friends

  • For 300USDT-700USDT, you will receive 5% of the proceeds of each circulation from 3 to 7 generations of friends.

  • For 800USDT-1000USDT, you will receive 3% of the proceeds of each circulation from 8 to 10 generations of friends.

  • 1% of the proceeds of each circulation from 11 to 21 generations of friends for circulating 1100USDT-2100USDT

The sharing commission of Yunus Loop Defi is to encourage more users to share Yunus Loop Defi smart contracts with their friends, so that more participants who are willing to contribute liquidity can build the Web 3.0 Yunus Loop ecosystem together, so it is a meaningful sharing.

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