TronLink Pro Extension (PC) | Backup, Import and Export

May 17, 2023

Many TronLink Extension (PC) users don’t know how to backup or export their ‘Seed Phrase’ and ‘Private Key’. Also, they face issues while importing a wallet. So in this tutorial, I’ll explain to you step-by-step how to perform these procedures correctly using TronLink Extension (PC).

How to back-up or export ‘Seed Phrase’ and ‘Private Key’

STEP 1: Open your ‘TronLink’ extension and click on the ‘3 Lines’. (Located on the top right of your screen)

STEP 2: Go to the ‘Export Account’ option.

STEP 3: It’ll ask for your wallet password, enter it, and hit ‘Confirm’.

STEP 4: Click ‘Mnemonic Phrase’ to secure the Phrase or ‘Private Key’ to secure the Key.

How to import a wallet in TronLink Extension (PC)

NOTE: If you don’t have TronLink, then first download and install the extension. (download)

Once you add the extension and open it, it will ask you to create a wallet ‘Password’. Create and repeat the password and then click ‘Continue’.

Click on the ‘Restore’ option.

Give a ‘Name’ to your account and click ‘Continue’.

Choose the mode of import, i.e., ‘Private Key’ or ‘Mnemonic’.

Enter the ‘12-word Seed Phrase’ or the ‘Key’ and click the ‘Continue’ option.

That’s it! That’s how you can export your seed phrase or private key and import your assets to the TronLink Extension (PC).

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