Correct Positioning is Your First Step to Success

There is a product in any business. It can be real or virtual goods, a service, a privilege. A grocery seller at the market, a sales consultant at an expensive cars showroom, a business coach who sells training sessions — all of them have a product, and expect you to buy it.

While Yunus Loop DeFi is not a company in its usual form, we also have a "product" — participating in the community. It's important to us that new people join the community. In turn, these people want to see their results from using the platform. It may seem that this is the perfect match. We have what they need. But it's not that simple.

To make someone interested in buying a product, it's important to present it correctly. This is particularly true for products that a person is not yet familiar with. Compare two situations:

  • You sell bottled water on a hot day. Even if customers don't know you or your brand, they are familiar with the product. It's easy for them to make a decision.

  • You're inviting people to join Yunus Loop DeFi and get a chance to improve their life. If people aren't familiar with you personally, Yunus Loop DeFi, or cryptocurrencies in general, it's hard for them to make a decision, even if they are striving for change.

So what can we do? The solution is in shaping the product image correctly. This means that you have to form the right attitudes about your product to replace the wrong ones in a potential customer's mind.

I don't know what it is ➡️ I know what it is.

I don't know why I need it ➡️ I know why I need it.

I don't know how the product differs from other options on the market ➡️ I know how the product is better than other options on the market.

I don't know if the result is worth the expense ➡️ I know that the result will pay back the initial cost multiple times over.

I don't trust the vendors of this product ➡️ I trust the vendors of the product.

I have questions and doubts ➡️ I have no questions or doubts.

I can put off making a decision ➡️ I need this product right now.

I hesitate to recommend it to people I know ➡️ I will recommend it to people I know.

How to guide a potential customer from point A (left) to point B (right)? Read about it in our article.

1. Mission

The mission is the global reason why your product exists, and how it improves the consumer's life. For example, Yunus Loop DeFi gives everyone, regardless of knowledge or income level, the power to improve their lives from anywhere in the world with just a smartphone.

2.Target Audience

Learn everything you can about your target audience. Gender, age, lifestyle, typical spending habits and amounts, problems and pain points are all extremely important. Knowing all of this will allow you to establish a link from product to person to articulate a reason to buy in clear terms for your typical customer. If you have several groups in your audience, it makes sense to create such a "portrait" for each of them and formulate an offer based on it.

Yunus Loop DeFi example:

Audience — novice crypto-enthusiasts

Offer — "Make your first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies with Yunus Loop DeFi".

3. Who you are

People are more likely to buy from brands they trust. Tell them who is behind the product. Tell the story of its creation, show faces and mention names. This will help establish trust. It is important not to make things up or distort the facts, or your efforts will have the opposite effect.

4. What makes you stand out

If your product is designed to solve an important problem, there's no doubt that someone has already tried to solve it before you. So you're entering a competitive market, and it's important to show your differences from your competitors that make you stand out from them. This could be price, usability, exclusivity, safety, etc.

Yunus Loop DeFi example

  • Simplicity — all you need is a smartphone.

  • Security — transactions are made immediately to a personal wallet

  • Community support — there is a free Academy, webinars, articles on the website, 24/7 support service

Template for creating a competitive product description

For those (the audience) who (the problem or need), the product (description) will become (the solution) that (the solution to the problem described above). Unlike (competitors), product (name) is (competitive advantage). For anyone who wants to take their first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies, Yunus Loop DeFi will be a perfect entry point and allow you to safely build your portfolio of the top coins. Unlike other online projects, Yunus Loop DeFi is completely decentralized, the creators have no access to the users' funds, and all the transactions are made automatically through a smart contract right to your personal wallet.

5. Evidence

Provide proof of your words and promises. Testimonials, case studies and numbers are essential. Collect testimonials and encourage your customers to submit them as often as possible. Collect statistics and always keep them handy.

Yunus Loop DeFi example

  • 1.6+ million users

  • 3+ billion dollars — total results of community members over the lifetime of Yunus Loop DeFi

Now you know how to present the product correctly. And here's how you shouldn't do it.

Typical mistakes in positioning

  • No positioning at all. Just send them a link and let them figure it out on their own.

  • Dump a ton of information on the person at once, especially if they haven’t dealt with similar products before. It is better to give information in portions, as questions arise.

  • Being intrusive, insisting, demanding, begging. This discourages and makes people suspect that nobody needs the product at all. On the contrary, you should make it clear that you are generously sharing with the person the highly valuable information about a solution to their problems.

  • Don't know your product or doubt it. The golden rule of sales is "sell yourself first." This means that you should offer only what you would buy for yourself. Study all available materials, ask yourself the trickiest questions and answer them.

  • Sugarcoating the product. For example, some people like to say that Yunus Loop DeFi is a passive income. But it's absolutely wrong! The main way to get results is to actively invite new members and educate them. Yes, some programs have a bonus — spillovers, but they are random and rare, so don’t rely on them. If a person doesn't get what they expect, they will be lost to you and to the community. They will post negative feedback online and dissuade another 20-30 people from participating.

  • Telling everyone the same thing. You can have the same product for everyone, but the pitch should be different, based on each person's struggles and needs. Yes, it's easier to send out identical invitations, but you want results, don't you?

Bottom line

  • Define the mission of your product — how it will make a difference in the lives of individuals and the community in general.

  • Outline your target audience and understand their needs and desires, so you can properly pitch your product as a solution to their problems.

  • Tell the audience who you are — disclose who is behind the product to build trust.

  • Point out your advantages over direct and indirect competitors.

  • Provide evidence — testimonials, cases, screenshots.

Now you have a pattern you can use to position your product. Don't put it off — do it now! Write it by hand or type it on your computer, but most importantly — put your thoughts into words. Use this concept whenever you are preparing for a conversation with a potential partner, writing a post on social networks, holding a webinar or sending a newsletter via messengers.

Make positioning your superpower and watch your business change for the better!

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