Trust Wallet Setup

Download Trust Wallet

Choose your device type and download the application:

Google Play (Android)

AppStore (iOS)

Install and setup

  • Open wallet application and select "Create a new wallet"

  • Confirm checkbox with Terms of Service and press "Continue"

  • Read closely warnings about your Secret Recovery Phrase, this will help to keep your crypto safe

  • Check all boxes and press "Continue"

  • Wallet application will offer you to save your Secret Recovery Phrase (12 words) and then input it in proper order

Secret Recovery Phrase is generated only once - during your wallet address creation process.

Secret Recovery Phrase is the only way to keep safe and recover your wallet any time.

Never share Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone under any circumstances - this will give lifetime access to your wallet for that person.

  • Confirm your successful wallet creation and you will see your assets list

Now you need to add USDT Token and TRON Token

  • Click on token finder icon on the top right side

  • Type TRX in search bar and click on checkbox to add TRON Token

  • Type USDT in search bar and click on checkbox to add USDT (TRC20) Token

There may be similar token names, make sure you adding proper - double check when you select TRON Token

  • Click back icon and you will see newly added tokens in your assets list

How to copy wallet address

  • Click on TRON Token to enter its properties

  • To copy your crypto address that you need to fund with USDT or TRX click on "Receive" icon

  • Copy the code of address for next operations

Your TRX and USDT will be located on same crypto address in blockchain - so you can copy it only once and use to purchase both TRX and USDT.

How to register in Yunus Loop DeFi USDT

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