How To Activate Your Downlines

Naturally, if someone joins your team, you feel happy and invigorated. However, the truth is that some downlines do not make any progress. In that case, can you just keep quiet, doing nothing? That would not make sense. The wisest thing is to take appropriate action. In the end, if such a downline remains inactive, at least you will not blame yourself.

The reasons for your downlines to become inactive are varied. In most cases, if you ask him/her why he/she is not active, you normally get a fake excuse.

Possible reasons for downlines’ inactivity

  • They do not have accurate information

  • They do not have necessary tools

  • Some are too busy

  • Others may be unsure if the product or service is profitable to promote

  • Yet others lack your support

⏰ How can you activate them?

Since you may be unsure of the exact reasons for their inactivity you can use several strategies.

Sending a welcoming email

This is something you should do to all your downlines. You can send an email with a few tips and actionable activities. You may opt to send a message on Whatsapp or Telegram. Ask them if they have questions or if they need any assistance. It is important to emphasize in your first communication that you are ready to help them at any time.

Video calls

At times, it is essential to make video calls. However, make prior arrangements for the calls. Video calls offer the inactive downlines the opportunities to ask questions or air their queries. After all, they add personal touches to the conversations.

Send regular follow-up messages

From time to time send your downlines follow-up messages. But avoid spamming, as this may further demotivate them. Give different suggestions in the messages you send them.

One reason for someone to become inactive is that he/she does not have the tools to use to promote the program. Therefore, come up with options to help him/her. For instance, you can give the downline a few promotional materials such as videos or articles. The downlines may only need to translate the articles into their local languages.


It is normal that we get downlines who are inactive. Therefore, we should devise ways of supporting and motivating them. The means to help them depend on their situations.

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