Tips for Finding New Partners

The driving force behind your Yunus Loop DeFi business is new partners. To be successful, you must streamline your recruiting efforts and expand your team. Many participants encounter problems. They say:

  • I'm embarrassed to invite.

  • I don't know who to invite.

  • I've already invited all my friends and acquaintances.

In this article, we'll tell you why you shouldn't be embarrassed to invite people and where to find an endless source of new partners.

Inviting to Yunus Loop DeFi is a Privilege

Yunus Loop DeFi is an international community of people who build their online business on unique blockchain-based smart contracts. The mechanism of the smart contract and reward distribution is known to all members, completely transparent and unchanging.

Anyone anywhere in the world can join the community and start earning.

The platform doesn't charge commissions and doesn't store user funds. All funds are distributed between the participants. Thanks to Yunus, thousands of people all over the world have already fulfilled their dreams and stepped up to a new level of life, with many of them becoming millionaires.


Before you start inviting, make sure you have a solid grasp of how the smart contract and platform work.

Download the official promotional materials and get ready to answer a whole range of questions. They may not only be about Yunus, but also about cryptocurrency and blockchain in general. Use the Community, Academy, and Help Center materials to gear up.

Ask your upline for help if they are active in Yunus. Be prepared to go step by step with the person all the way from buying BUSD and BNB to inviting new partners.

First Circle β€” Invite and Learn

The first and most obvious audience is your friends and acquaintances. Make a list and establish how many people you feel comfortable calling per day. Let's say it’s five. Move through the list. With those interested, schedule zoom calls.

The first circle is important because it will be your first experience inviting people, and you will learn from your mistakes and answer unexpected questions.

This will help you be more daring and confident in the future when you work with new people.

Second Circle β€” Broaden Your Horizons

There are people around you who are not your acquaintances, but are related to you in some way. These are friends of your friends, people in your area, members of professional communities, parents of your child's classmates, and so on.

Set up a message and look for ways to deliver it. These can be themed forums, your neighborhood's resident chat rooms, parent chat rooms, social media, bulletin boards, local newspapers, or social network groups.

Before you post, make sure you're not breaking the rules of the community.

In your message, introduce yourself briefly and tell how Yunus Loop DeFi has changed your life. You can also send these messages directly to people, but remember that many messenger apps block this as spam. That's why it's better to send from a backup account.

Third Circle β€” Step Out Into the Wide World

The first and second circles are limited to a few thousand people. Advertising on the Internet opens you up to an audience of millions of people around the world.

Types of advertising come in different forms: in social networks, search engines, integrations with celebrities, banners on websites and forums.

Yunus Loop DeFi has a feature that allows users to run ads with minimal budgets. It's a custom link. You can team up with other members and run ads together. Set up the link so that new partners are distributed among you.

Fourth Circle β€” Become a Leader

When you make the most of all three circles, sooner or later you'll reach a state where people will find you by referral and contact you to help them sign up for Yunus. The important thing here is to try to give each newcomer as much time as you normally do. But there are leaders who sign up new members to their affiliate structure not individually, but in groups or even teams.

Here, too, there are a few well-known best practices:

  1. Have your own trusted partner mentors on the team to help newcomers.

  2. Organize simultaneous team registration, e.g. via Zoom at a pre-set time.

  3. Use a custom link to register partners not only for yourself, but also to send some to your beginners, so they can practice and start learning how to work with new partners.

Fifth Circle β€” Personal Brand

Chances are you learned about Yunus from someone you know, or a well-known person. Influencers are trusted. You, too, can become a local Influencer. Start your own blog on social media or YouTube. If you have quality content, your audience will grow. People will start trusting you and become your partners in Yunus.

Me + Yunus Loop DeFi = Whole Big World

Yunus Loop DeFi removes one of the most significant barriers to growing a business β€” the language barrier. There are thousands of examples when a participant or team from Asia actively recruits new participants in Europe, and vice versa. This is a step towards a digital future where modern technology will remove all barriers to communication between people. Even today, you can interact with partners using the free online translator Google Translate or other similar apps.

The more you work with Yunus, the more obvious it will become to you that boundaries are illusory. Think of your acquaintances or relatives in other countries. Let them be your hub for interacting with the audience of another country. They can help you adapt your promotional materials and tell you where to find the right audience for you.

Those who are constantly finding channels to reach new audiences, looking for opportunities to engage with new potential partners, are the big leaders

This is not a privilege for a select few β€” anyone can become a professional leader at Yunus Loop DeFi!

Share this article with your partners so they too can learn how to add new people to your team.

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