How to handle objections from new partners

DanielJanuary 03, 2023

We face opposition not only in business, but in everyday life. People often refuse to allow their friends to join the Yunus Loop DeFi community because they fear rejection. However, I will tell you that every "no" is an experience that leads to the longed-for "yes."

Objections can be divided into two categories:

◉ Biased

◉ Impartial

Biased objections are those that do not directly relate to your proposal. For example, the person you're talking to will say that's not okay, make up their own nonsense, and approach the conversation in a negative way.

◉ "This is a scam."

◉ "I'm not interested."

◉ "I don't like that kind of stuff."

By the way, this is exactly how I used to behave. When I first learned about Yunus Loop DeFi, all my objections were biased.

Unbiased dissenting views - The person you are speaking with may be negative, but addressing a specific point of view. For example, they might think it's an MLM scheme, or say they're interested in your offer but don't have the money right now.

◉ "Cool, but I don't know anything about cryptocurrencies."

◉ "Interesting, but I don't have the money to start yet."

◉ "Sounds great, but I don't like internet marketing, and I don't know how to convince people to get involved."

Fair objections are what you have to deal with. I think you, like me, are interested in people who show at least the slightest interest, rather than making up all the answers for you.

Now we'll break down 5 steps you can follow to talk about your offer and engage the people you're talking to.

5 Steps to Handling Objections

① Heard to the end.

No one likes it when a consultant runs up to you in a store and starts aggressively selling you stuff. So, 90% of the time you have to listen to the other person, and then only 10% - talk. At this stage, you will discover all objections that you will deal with.

Don't shy away from difficult topics. Don't be afraid to encourage the other person to ask all the tough questions. These questions should not stay in their mind, otherwise they will figure out the answer on their own. It won't be the answer you need.

If the person is avoiding conversations, try to find out why. This person may have a family emergency or a problem at work. In that case, let's reschedule.

② Agree with them.

You need to connect with this person as much as possible. If they say they don't have money right now, you can say, "I know that's the case myself. So I want to teach you how to fix this financial problem."

Or they say they have tried this kind of project. Then you should say, "I see you already have experience making money, that's why I want you to review this project and share your feedback." So the person will feel more confident and will appreciate that you think their opinion has authoritative.

Be specific

Clarify any points raised in the dialogue. If the person you're talking to says they'd like to sign up, but not right now, you should specify a specific time.

◉ "Is Thursday or Saturday more convenient for you? Let's have a zoom call on Saturday at 12:00pm and I'll walk you through the registration process."

You can mention that you schedule a lot of meetings with people who want to learn more about Yunus Loop DeFi. This will show that you are committed to the process and will make your partner more accountable when scheduling your calls.

Provide reasoning.

Oddly enough, answering objections is the easiest of the five steps. All you have to do is 110% understand Yunus Loop DeFi. Your main goal is to become a Yunus Loop DeFi expert so that you can always give a competent answer instead of getting lost and bypassing it.

Before you start your first conversation with a potential partner, you should research everything there is to know about Yunus Loop DeFi from start to finish. In my opinion, this can be done in a few hours, as long as you stay focused and don't let snacks and your favorite TV show distract you.

I recommend you start with the section about Yunus Loop DeFi on the homepage of the website. So far, I haven't heard any objection that I can't give a solid reason. In fact, Yunus Loop DeFi has no disadvantages. You have all the resources to ensure this - FAQ section, Yunus Loop DeFi community website. Your job is to learn the core stuff, and then you'll know the answers to any sticky questions or objections.

Below are the most common objections, which you can easily answer once you understand Yunus Loop DeFi.

"It's a Ponzi scheme."

I find this argument the easiest to refute. I asked back: "What is your definition of Ponzi?" When the other party started to answer, we covered each of his assertions with facts about Yunus Loop DeFi. In a Ponzi scheme, all funds are controlled by the founders - in Yunus Loop DeFi, they have no access to users' funds. In a Ponzi scheme, only the first comers make the big money - in Yunus Loop DeFi, you can overtake the invitees, and the outcome depends only on your efforts. wait.

"I do not have enough money."

You've probably heard the advice: "Do you have money for coffee, cigarettes, and beer? Then save it." It looks like you want to get this person's money at all costs. No need to be petty - think outside the box. Make it clear that you don't just want to connect them to Yunus Loop DeFi, you also want to help them solve their financial problems. "You don't have money? Well, here's a solution to your problem!" If you can "sell" the idea to this person, they will always find the money to register it.

"I won't invite anyone."

I usually answer, "Me neither, but I got over 100 invitees from somewhere." Why don't people like to invite people, or don't know how to do it? They decide in advance that they will be rejected.

You should not jump to conclusions about other people. You have to think of Yunus Loop DeFi as a tool for happiness. Then you're not inviting -- you're generously sharing a tool to solve a problem and achieve a goal.

"I don't understand cryptocurrency and I don't believe in it."

Why Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies? Because it is the financial system of the future. Cryptocurrencies and smart contracts allow us to make the community transparent.

Also, don't forget that in Yunus Loop DeFi, we not only profit from the community, but also from the exchange rate and the market. USDT is a value-stable currency, no matter how the public chain token rises or falls, its value is always consistent with the US dollar.

You've reached the point where prospective partners are ready to join the team and start making money. Our goal at this point is to schedule time for the next 2-3 hour session.

Why do you need another meeting? In this session, you have to teach the person how to use the platform - from creating a wallet and buying cryptocurrency to signing up through different devices. Your goal shouldn't just be to get this person involved in the project. You should not see this person as just another point in your structure. Your real goal is to build a long-term relationship with your partner and help them with their financial problems. Only in this way, they will not only become a point in the structure, but also an active member of the team, an advocate of Yunus Loop DeFi, and they will constantly introduce new members

You might be thinking, "He babbles, but does he have something to show?" Well, I do. Here are two screenshots from my personal account. You can view them through any Ethereum and Tron blockchain explorer.


Did you do this sentence? You are on the right track! Everything I've described above is just a framework and you'll be tweaking it by trial and error. Most importantly: Don’t be afraid of rejection – be afraid of doing nothing.

For those who read to the end, I have a reward - my secret to success. It's simple: I communicate with my partners to help them, not for personal gain. My results are not the sum of my accounts, but the goals achieved by my partners. That's why I'm not afraid of being rejected 100 times - I'm afraid of not trying 100 times. Getting 100 nos and 10 yess is better than just sitting there wondering if you can do it.

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